Beaches around Tintagel in North Cornwall

Park Farm is surrounded by many lovely beaches on the North Cornish coastline. The beaches at the top of this page can be reached on foot as part of a moderate (2 mile circular) to long (4-6 mile circular) walk (see our walks page for some circular routes). All the beaches on this page are within half an hour's drive.

5 min drive or 30 min walk from Park Farm

Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand at low tide
Trebarwith at low tide

Trebarwith Strand is the beach that Park Farm overlooks. It's a sandy surf beach with rocky outcrops and has been awarded the European "Blue Flag" Award for cleanliness and bathing water quality. There are a couple of shops and cafés and the Port William pub up on the cliff overlooking the beach. It is a lifeguard-patrolled beach so it's quite a good place to go with children in the Summer. Also in Summer you can hire surf gear or have surf lessons with Trebarwith Surf School. There are spectacular views from the coast path behind Trebarwith, and in a winter storm the scene can be truly awesome with waves sometimes breaking right over the top of the headland. For directions and more information including the best places along the beach to swim, snorkel or fish see our Trebarwith Strand page.

From Park Farm, 5 min drive + 20 min walk

Backways cove

Backways Cove in North Cornwall
Backways Cove

Backways is a rocky cove close to Trebarwith Strand; looking out from Park Farm it's the V shape to the left. It's always quiet as few tourists know about it and it's a reasonable walk to get to. It is great for swimming and snorkelling on a calm summer day as there are lots of interesting shaped areas of rock in the water created by a combination of quarrying and erosion from the sea which you can either explore with mask and snorkel or just swim between and sunbathe on. In Spring and Autumn, look out for peregrine falcons swooping over the cliffs which nest nearby. In the winter, Backways is dramatic in a big storm with sea foam and spray from the stream blowing back up the valley and mini tornadoes of foam forming beneath the cliffs. For more information and directions see our page on Backways Cove.

From Park Farm, 5 min drive + 15 min walk

Tintagel Haven (aka Castle Beach)

Tintagel Haven - the beach next to Tintagel Castle in North Cornwall
Tintagel Haven

Below the the island that Tintagel Castle perches on is a small sheltered pebble beach which is good spot for a swim or snorkel (there are kelp beds with plenty of marine life and grey seals are often around). On the left side of the beach, Merlin's Cave goes all the way beneath the island and out the other side. For more information see our page on Tintagel Haven.

From Park Farm, 10 min drive + 15 min walk

Bossiney Haven

Bossiney Haven near Tintagel, photographed at low tide
Bossiney Haven

This is a secluded cove close to Tintagel which is a lovely place to swim or paddle on a warm summer's day. There is no beach at high tide but when the tide is fully out there is a beach of golden sand which stretches around the other side of the headland (known as Benoath Cove) from the main inlet (Bossiney Haven). There is good snorkelling to the far left of the beach, and also to the far right when the tide is right out. The beach is not patrolled by lifeguards and combined with the steep steps down, it's not ideal for young children. For more information and directions see our page on Bossiney Haven.

15 min drive. 20min walk down (30 min back up!).

Tregardock Beach

Tregardock Beach - a secluded surf beach on the North Cornish coast - photographed at low tide
Tregardock beach at low tide

Tregardock is a surf beach similar to Trebarwith Strand but access is by footpath only. There are beautiful views on the walk down over Port Isaac Bay and nice wildflowers. As it's a bit off the beaten track, not that many tourists go to Tregardock, so in the Summer it's guaranteed to be pretty quiet on the beach. However parking is very limited along the road (space for at most about 20 cars) so it's best to get there early if possible in the busiest parts of the Summer. For more information and directions see our page on Tregardock Beach.

15 mins drive from Park Farm

Port Gaverne

Port Gaverne in North Cornwall
Port Gaverne

At high tide the beach is shingle, but once the tide goes out there is a sandy beach. Being very sheltered, Port Gaverne is good at all states of the tide for swimming and launching kayaks. Behind the beach is a pub - the Port Gaverne Hotel which serves local real ales and food. For more information and directions see our page on Port Gaverne.

20 mins drive from Park Farm

The Strangles

The Strangles in North Cornwall
The Strangles

There is spectacular scenery both on the walk down and from the beach itself including a rock arch and the cliffs are covered with flowers from gorse and heather in early Autumn. On the path down and from the beach you may well see two peregrine falcons that nest on the cliffs near here - on windy days they often hang in the wind by the cliff edges. This is not a safe beach for swimming unless the sea is completely calm with no surf. For more information and directions see our page on The Strangles.

From Park Farm, 20 mins drive + 10 min walk

Lundy Bay

Lundy Bay
Lundy Bay

Lundy Bayis situated on the east side of The Rumps headland and consists of 3 small beaches. The leftmost two are sometimes known as Lundy Beach and between them there is a collapsed cave, forming an arch opening onto the beach. At high tide, the beaches are rocky, but at low tide, beautiful golden sand is revealed.

Due to the north-facing bay and steep cliffs, it's quite sheltered from a southwesterly wind. The result is that when there is a good size swell, there can be some quite clean surf here near low tide when the westerly-facing beaches are blown out. The beach slopes more steeply than many of the west-facing surf beaches, so rides tend to be short.

For more information and directions see our page on Lundy Bay.

20 mins drive from Park Farm

Crackington Haven

Crackington Haven at low tide
Crackington Haven

Until the nineteenth century, Crackington Haven was a small port, importing limestone and coal and exporting local produce such as slate. When the railways reached the district in 1893, the beach could be reached more easily (from Otterham Station) and became popular with holidaymakers.

As the tide falls, the pebble beach gives way to a large sandy beach. It is west-facing and consequently quite popular for surfing when the tide is out, but care must be taken of the rocks on either side. The rocky ridges along the left side of the beach trap seawater, forming rockpools which support a range of shorelife.

For more information and directions see our page on Crackington Haven.

25 mins drive from Park Farm


The beach at Polzeath in North Cornwall

Polzeath is Cornwall's second surf capital after Newquay. Bustling in the summer, it's a good place to get surf lessons, buy surf gear or just give it a go. There is quite a lot of parking (on the top of the beach itself). There is a beach at all stages of the tide. Down the left side of the beach there are some good rockpools at low tide. The rest of the beach is very flat and sandy, which means even when there is a big surf running in the shallows the waves are small which makes it safer for small children to paddle or surf than some of the steeper beaches further north toward Bude.

25 mins drive from Park Farm

Daymer Bay and Rock

Daymer Bay near Polzeath in North Cornwall
Daymer bay at low tide

Daymer bay is situated around the corner from Polzeath, facing into the Camel Estuary. The beach lies directly in front of the car park, down a short flight of steps. The sheltered estuary means that Daymer Bay is popular for windsurfing, kitesurfing etc. There is a beach at all states of the tide and the waves are never very big so it's a safe place to take young children paddling, though in deeper water the tidal river currents can be strong so swimming out into the estuary is not advised.

For more information and directions see our page on Daymer Bay and Rock.

25-30 mins drive from Park Farm

Bude beaches

Widemouth Bay
Widemouth Bay

Bude is surrounded by a number of west-facing surf beaches. They are popular spots for surfing and also have some good rockpools between rocky ridges along the edges. The closest to Park Farm is Widemouth Bay and on the other side of Bude are Sandymouth and Northcott Mouth, with Crooklets beach at Bude itself.

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