Tintagel parish church

Tintagel Parish Church
St Materiana church
View of Trebarwith Strand from Penhallic Point on the North Cornish coast path
View from Penhallic Point
Stained glass in St Materiana Church
Above the altar
St Julietta font in St Materiana Church
St Julietta's font
Stained glass in St Materiana Church
More nice stained glass

Tintagel Parish church, dedicated to St Materiana, is located on Glebe Cliff at the end of Vicarage Lane.The first church on the site was thought to be in the 6th century, founded as a daughter church of Minster in Boscastle which is even older. The current church was built in the late 11th or early 12th century with the tower added in the late Mediaeval era. The Norman font bowl by the south wall is believed to have been brought from St Julitta's chapel at Tintagel Castle. The church also contains a Roman stone from the 4th century bearing the name of the Emperor Licinius which may be evidence that there was once a Roman camp nearby.

There are some nice short walks around here if you park at the church. You can either walk North along the coast path to Tintagel Castle (15 min) or South to Penhallic Point (20 min); there is an inland path back from Penhallic point if you prefer a circular route. Trebarwith Strand is another 30 minutes along the coast path from Penhallic Point.

A small road leads from the church past the vicarage into Tintagel (5 min walk). From 1925 until 2008 part of the vicarage outbuildings were also in use as a chapel (the Fontevrault Chapel - the name commemorates the abbey in France which held the patronage of Tintagel during the Middle Ages).

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Directions by car

Turn left out of Park Farm and head towards Tintagel. After about half a mile, just past the left turn to Treknow there is a sharp right-hand bend in the village of Tregatta which leads towards Tintagel. Rather than going round this bend, take the track that carries straight ahead from the bend. This leads directly to the church over a few cattle grids etc.

Directions on foot from Park Farm

The most scenic route which avoids main roads altogether is to turn left from Park Farm and walk down the road to Treknow. The road ends in a slanted T-junction. Turn right (almost straight ahead) then take the second left and go straight ahead up the track past the builders yard. This ends in a T-junction. Turn left and walk to the end where the track becomes a footpath. The footpath ends up on the Coast Path. Before it reaches the Coast Path there is a fork in the footpath (both forks lead onto the Coast Path) - take the right fork as you'll be going North on the Coast Path. When you reach the Coast Path, turn right (North) which leads past Penhallic Point to St Materiana church. See our walks page for a circular walk including the church and castle.

For a shorter and easier route, when you reach Treknow, follow the road through Treknow around to the right which brings you out onto some pavement on the B3623 at Tregatta corner. From the corner you can leave the main road on the track that runs to the church which is laden with blackberries in Autumn.

An alternative route of a similar length, with only a tiny stretch of main road, is to head up the lane next to the post box opposite Park Farm. From here there are stunning views of the church, Tintagel and surrounding coastline. Take the first left (Tregeath lane) which brings you out on the B3263 and there is just a short bend to walk around before there is a pavement to Tregatta corner where the track leads to the church.

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